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About Us

Mand Group provides 360 degrees logistics services, such as dismantling and assembly of equipment, packaging (finishing, processing, packaging), start up, revamping obsolete machinery, up to the maintenance management.

Mand Group has its headquarters at Olmi di San Biagio di Callata in the province of Treviso.

We are the only company in Italy that can perform a full 360 degrees service, providing logistical services to our clients and proposing as a single point of contact for all logistics for the achievement and programming of the corporate goals.

In recent years we have developed a comprehensive Supply Chain Management services ranging from dismantling of systems / lines / machines, freight depots, packaging (finishing, processing, packaging), door transport worldwide, assembly, start-up, revamping of obsolete machinery, up to the maintenance management.

Having direct contact with companies, establishing a relationship of trust and meeting customer demand, are the qualities that make us an ideal partner.

The Group was founded by the company MAND IMBALLAGGI Srl whose main business activities are about packing, but has expanded in recent years by establishing two other companies the TFBS Trading Finance Business Solution and MAND Inc.

TFBS Sarl and MAND Inc are two companies engaged in industrial and non-industrial supply and chaining, respectively in market areas of Africa and North America.

They operate in providing services, from plant management to plant maintenance, from “property management” to specialized services for industrial facilities and plants with the most varied types of production, providing a broad range of auxiliary services to customers core business.

Passion for innovation, proven organizational skills and qualified personnel make the group the ideal PARTNER to work with in these booming markets.

The services provided by the group, operate in all industrial environments: electromechanical, petrochemicals, engineering industries, carpentry, piping and more. The group offers specialized services in mechanical and electrical fittings, assembly and installation of pipelines and ancillary services for moving and worldwide shipping.

Mand Group wants to create strong relationships with clients, based on trust and security of reliable results: this is why we think ourselves as PARTNERS and not just suppliers.

The credentials that set us apart:

Ours is a service to 360 degrees for all phases of activity ranging from planning to execution, from implementation to testing.

We know how the time factor is crucial, and for this we supply solutions with the least possible delay.

Our prerogative is keeping the level of offered services under control while ensuring quality standards, verifying the attainment and trying to predict any improvements.

Our motto is “People make the difference”.