logistics services

Containers and storage



We specialize in stowage of goods in sea containers or “intermodal shipping container”, “shipping container”, “ISO container”, etc.

We follow every stage of containerization from loading goods in containers to the extraction and placement with stock traceability.

Types of containers:

  • 20′ Box – the smallest container 6 meters long;
  • 20′ Open Top – 6 meters container accessible from above;
  • 20′ Flat – 6 meters container without walls, for trucks and special loads;
  • 40′ Box – the most popular container 12 meters long;
  • 40′ High Cube – container 12 meters long with an increased height;
  • 40′ Open Top – container 12 meters long accessible from above;
  • 40′ Flat – the container 12 meters long without walls, for trucks and special loads.

Container loading methods.

“Open-Top” method: loading containers from the top and covering the goods with tarpaulin (the goods to be loaded usually requires preliminary packaging).

“Box” method: loading containers from tailgate and/or side. The goods to be loaded does not require preliminary packing.
More cost-saving than the “open top” (lower cost of freight sea up to 25%).

Freight depot.

We provide secure goods and machinery storage at our headquarters in Treviso.

Our clients benefit of large covered warehouses with equipment for loading, unloading and storage of all kinds of products.