logistics services

Transfers – Installations – Factory moves


Civil and industrial installations transfers services.

We offer “Turn Key” services for transfer and installation of machinery and industrial equipment lines; we can carry out any operation, from the installation of complete production lines, to moving machinery and equipment.

We possess the necessary equipment and qualified manpower to implement interventions with a high level of professionalism and quality.

The dislocation of plants can vary from small and medium-sized machinery transfers to relocations of entire production lines, moving and reassembling in other parts of the world.

Services available:

  • evaluation, state of plants or machinery by a qualified technician;
  • draft plan for defining procedures for action;
  • definition of the technical solutions (areas, divisions, adjustments, etc.);
  • sharing of actions for transfers;
  • production and quality audits with joint report;
  • disassembly/assembly “as is” following client’s layout;
  • assistance to the “start-up” and production boot up;
  • production and quality tests.

Specialist manpower and technical resources:

  • mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic knowledge resources;
  • resources with electrical skills;
  • electronic resources with software and robotics skills;
  • logistical expertise for handling resources and support.